20.04.00 - April 2020 WV E-File Updates

The following items will be available Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at approximately 8:00PM in WV E-File.

1.  E-File: Registration requires verification of training.
2.  E-File: Phone numbers have been removed from Support Information. All support requests should be submitted via email to ServiceDesk@courtswv.gov.

 3.  E-File:Language updated on Order Editor to properly reflect Import functionality.

  • Form (Insert): Inserts content from uploaded document into Order Editor at location of cursor when Import button is selected. Note:  Form (Insert) works with templates and does not replace manually entered text or content.
  • Body (Replace Template): Deletes all content in Order Editor (Exceptions: Auto-generated Case Style, Title, and Judge’s signature), then Inserts content from uploaded document into body of Order in Order Editor.  Note:  Body (Replace Template) replaces templates, text, and imported content.