Frequently Asked Questions about West Virginia E-Filing

How do I register for an eFile Account?
Can a law firm have a firm eFile Account, or does each attorney have to have his/her own account?
How do I login?
I submitted a completed registration form, but have not received my email confirmation-what should I do?
What Web Browser does West Virginia Electronic Filing website work best in?
What is WV E-file?
What are the rules of procedure under WV E-file?
How is the case number entered in case lookup screen, I am getting an error?
Update to Efile Rules
General Information
What is a “No Fee” filing?
How do I change my password?
Who may use WV E-File?
Where may I E-File?
What case types may I file electronically?
How do I pay for filing and service fees?
Will the initial filing be submitted also in paper form?
What about initial service on a new case filing?
As an attorney may I authorize someone to act on my behalf to file actions into WV E-File?
Can I designate addtional staff to receive E-mail notifications of my filings?
What happens if WV E-File is down?
How do I know that my filing was successful?
Can I E-File into an existing case that was not originally filed through WV E-File?
Will the system automatically notify other counsel when some action happens within the case?
Can attorneys not licensed to practice in WV file into WV E-File?
Will documents be sealed or marked as confidential within the system?
I want to seal a document in a public type case, how do I file this document?
What is the credit card service fee I am being charged when filing documents that require a filing fee?
What is the fee for copies?
What steps do I take when my client is filing for a waiver of filing fees?
What is the file size limit when filing documents?
How do I update a parties address on the official Court Record?
How do we add ourselves as an attorney in an ongoing case for a pro se party or where we are substituting as counsel?
How do I remove myself as counsel of record in a case where I am no longer representing the party?
How is an indespensable party added to a case that has been appointed?
How do we deal with attorneys who haven't registered with the e-file system?
Family Court
How do parties pay ther basic parent education class fee?
Are certificates from Parent Education Classes going to be efiled?
How do we request and pay for duplicate hearing CD's in efile?
How do we send letters to Family Court in general?
How do we correct a party's name where a name change is ordered in the final order?
Motions and Response to Motions
Why don't I see the motion when I'm trying to file a Response to Motion?