19.05.01 - May 21, 2019 WV E-File Updates

WV E-File will be unavailable for approximately one hour Tuesday, May 21st 2019, beginning at approximately 6:30PM.  After this brief downtime, the following updates will be available in WV E-File.

1.      E-File:  Format in File > New Case > Boundover “Magistrate Court Case Number” is now correct.


TIP:  To change the Case Number to “F” for Felony, type over the second “M” in the Case Number to change.

2.      E-File:  Convenience fee calculation and language has been updated on the payment screen when using a stored credit card in E-File.


3.      The E-File site has been updated to display the “SecureTrust” validation seal in the upper right corner.

4.     Information concerning a stored credit card fee is now available in the E-File application.

*TIP:  Stored Card under E-File Application > Account > Manage Credit Cards