How do I authorize someone to act on my behalf in WV E-File?

Yes, attorneys registered in WV E-File can permit WV E-File-registered users (attorneys and non-attorneys) to e-file on their behalf via the “Manage Staff” and "Act on Behalf of" functionality.

NOTE: “Act on Behalf of Attorney” functionality permits another E-File user (e.g., paralegal, legal assistant, etc.) to e-file everything that the Attorney can e-file and view the Attorney’s Emails and Filing History within WV E-File. This permission cannot be customized, but it can be revoked at any time by the Attorney.

Staff for attorneys and government offices register for an "Other" user type account, but will not be permitted to e-file without permission from a registered Attorney, Pro Hac Vice, or Government account within the WV E-File system.


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