22.08.01 - August 30, 2022 WV E-File Updates

1.      E-File [Update]: Confidential Orders can now be verified via the Verify an Order tool.


Steps to Verify an e-filed Order:

1.      Navigate to URL: https://efile.courtswva.com/ViewOrder.aspx

2.      Enter unique alphanumeric Order Ref. Code

Tip: Ref. Code is available in the Judge’s stamp in the top left corner of all Valid E-Filed Orders.

3.      Click Verify button

Public Order Reference Code =  Order document displays when public order is verified.

Confidential Order Reference Code =  Order details display when confidential order is verified.

Invalid Reference Code =  Message “Invalid reference code. Document could not be verified.

Tip: Blank space(s) in reference code field will render an invalid reference code message.

2.      E-File [Update]: E-File Registration User ID field permits “.legal” email addresses.