What is the fee for copies?

There is a one dollar ($1.00) per page copy fee for copies the circuit clerk’s office must print out. If you have supplemental documents that support your petition or complaint it is recommended you file your initial petition/complaint and immediately file exhibits in your newly assigned case number under the supplemental document option. If you have chosen service by any option other than plaintiff you can deliver those copies by hand or mail to the clerk’s office for them to include in the service of the complaint/petition.

 Exhibits and memorandum of law can be filed in this manner even if they support the petition/complaint. In the description field document they are supporting documents to the complaint/petition and file them immediately upon receiving your case number.

Photocopies of Any Document

Fee              Assessment Authority      Remittance Authority        Fund
$1.00 per page     § 59-1-11(b)(2)  see F            § 59-1-31                         County