20.01.00 - January 29, 2020 WV E-File Updates

The following items will be available Wednesday, January 29, 2020 at approximately 8:00PM for the     WV E-File application.

1.      E-File:  Import function via the Order Editor now accepts documents that contain commas in filename.

2.      E-File:  The New Domestic Appeal from Family to Circuit Court filing now allows the following Case Types to be appealed:

      D – Domestic Relations

      DV – Domestic Violence  [New Option]

      DV-AP – Appeal to Family Court [New Option]

      FIG – Family Infant Guardianship [New Option]

NOTE: Nonstandard Case types are not available.

3.      E-File: Pro Se User Type option has been removed from New Account Registration.

4.      E-File:  New Credit Card Payment Finalization process for incomplete filing transactions

      Problem:  Credit Card Receipt is not generated

Reasons:  Payment Portal connection lost or terminated before the transaction processed. 

1)      Network Connectivity Issue

2)      User is logged out of WV E-File

3)      Internet Browser window closed

      Resolution Steps:  

1)      User logs back into WV E-File

2)      Finalize Filing pop-up window opens with Incomplete & Unreviewed Filings

      Incomplete Filings – Payments not yet processed (Need Finalized)

Note:  Submitted Payments (Pay button was selected in the Payment Portal) left incomplete longer than 20 minutes will be auto-finalized.

      Unreviewed Autocompleted Filings – Payments auto-processed (Need Acknowledged)

3)      Highlight Filings in Incomplete Filings tab, if applicable

4)      Click Finalize

5)      Complete Payment Information

6)      Click Pay button to complete Payment/Filing or Cancel button to cancel Payment/Filing.


7)      Highlight items in Unreviewed Autocompleted Filings tab, if applicable

8)      View Receipt by clicking the Ref. Code hyperlink

9)      Click Acknowledge button


10)  Click Continue button to proceed without finalizing or acknowledging Filings.